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Scenario Secrets Podcast

Sep 2, 2021

Have you had a habit that held you back from living your best life?
I know I sound like a life coach here, but discovering this one limiting mind habit has been a huge aha for me.
I sometimes wish I could go back in time and change things. What I said. What I did. But now I realize that all this was a result of what I thought. About myself, about the situation, about limitations... and I brought that with me everywhere I went.
Your reality will reflect what you believe and expect. Want to change how your creative projects work out? Change what you believe about how they'll turn out first. Easy to say. More difficult to do.
Now this aha came slowly. But it became clear that I was not the only one holding this limiting thought habit after I worked with my coaching clients. I found some people had all the luck with clients, all the creative freedom... while others struggled to get an inch.
I discuss this and great examples in this episode. Hope you find it useful! Until next time my lovely learning designers!
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Anna Sabramowicz is an instructional designer and coach. She fell into the profession after losing her last year of university funding to be a chemistry and english teacher. She’s worked and consulted in both academia and corporate environments for over a decade. Stakeholders include adidas, Thomas & Betts, Sony, Michelin, Rubbermaid, Emerson, VIHA, RRC, Queen’s

University, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, Save the Children, Norwegian Refugee Council, and the Tanzanian Government.

She runs a coaching program with her partner, Ryan Martin. It helps Instructional Designers unleash their creative superpowers and develop immersive learning experiences with Storyline 360, using her Narrative Scenario Dynamics framework. 

Anna developed Broken Co-Worker - an immersive anti-harassment elearning experience which was awarded an Articulate Guru Award, she earned the League of Innovation award through Apprenticeship Manitoba for first Online Electrical Carpentry elearning Program. She’s also earned a Best in Show and Audience Award at the eACH Toronto for creating a Code Orange Emergency learning experience for Vancouver Island Health Authority.

You can find Anna on LinkedIn or on watch her instructional videos on YouTube